Changing the Boot Partition fails without warning if target partition is smaller than 50MB

There actually is a minimum partition size for this to work:
BCD Backup/Repair > SELECT: Change Boot Drive [top right, third selection] > Perform Action >
Select New Boot Drive > OK

If for reasons that are not relevant the target partition is smaller than 50MB, then there would be no warning and you would find out the hard way that you messed up because not all BCD information can fit on partitions smaller than 50MB.

EasyBCD should warn that the operation of Changing the Boot Drive *WILL FAIL* if user attempts to change the Boot Partition to a very small partition (less than 50MB).
Right now the only way to know that is the hard way, when you reboot and all is lost.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Thank you for this bug report, I'll add this to our issue tracker and put it on the fast-track for the next bugfix release (currently 2.3.1).
For reference, this has been verified and assigned bug id [EBCD-565].