Cloned to SSD but won't load.

I now have a SSD which contains W10, XP and DOS. My BIOS allows me to boot from this and I have the choice of W10 or DOS, (XP doesn't load)
Both of these work, but DOS boot displays "GRUB4DOS 0.4.6a 28-11-05 root is 8x80. Processing the preset menu. Will boot MSDOS (hidden sectors =8x3f) Starting MSDOS" and then it loads DOS.

I also have the original hard drive (cloned to new SSD, so identical) which has the same systems on it, but when I select this in the BIOS it shows "Recovery. PC needs to be repaired. Error code 0xc000225*" and it doesn't load Win10 . But selecting F9 offers a choice, none of which work apart from DOS which loads from the hard drive.

My question is, how do I access W10 on the hard drive. I'm running Easy BCD, but it doesn't offer a loader on the hard drive.

Before I do a full reinstall on the hard drive, is there an easier solution?

* required device can't be accessed.


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If you want to boot W10 on the HDD from the boot menu of W10 on the SSD, you just need to add a BCD entry pointing to the W10 HDD partition by whatever letter the SSD W10 calls it.
Adding Entries
I've added an entry for Win 10 on the hard drive, and that works, but I don't have WIN XP working on either drive. At least I'm half way there. Thanks.