Cloned Win 10 drive not bootable - Fixable?

Here's my situation:

1) Built a new machine and installed Win 7 Pro, then upgraded to Win 10 Pro. I installed all of my software.
2) I previously used xxClone which would make the image bootable, but it wouldn't work on Win 10.
3) Instead, I cloned the completed C: drive using DriveClone 11, but the software does not make the image bootable.
4) The Win 10 install went south (my fault) and I could not recover it.
5) Now have Win 7 on my C: drive and the intact cloned drive is still available, but not accessible.

Will any of BCD's software allow me to write a boot record to my cloned Win 10 drive (or just allow me to boot it) so I can rescue all the work I did installing Win 10 and apps?

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Well it looks hopeless. I guess I'll just upgrade the new machine to Win 10 and buy Zinstall to move all the apps and setting over from the old machine so I don't have to spend hours and hours doing everything manually again.

Thanks for everyone's consideration that read my post.