Computer amateur needs help please!

I'm attempting to reprogram a "wiped clean" Toshiba Satellite laptop. I've created the USB recovery stick and when I start the program, I get a message saying I need to set partitions first. I'm at a loss as to how this needs to be completed. Can any one guide me through the process?
Thank you for your time.


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If you're referring to EasyRE
I've created the USB recovery stick
and you seriously mean
a "wiped clean" Toshiba Satellite laptop
(my emphasis)
then I'm sad to inform you that the former cannot help.
EasyRE is for fixing an unbootable PC, but it needs there to be an OS available to fix.
It doesn't contain a complete set of Windows files. (I don't think Microsoft lawyers would like that a lot). so it cannot recreate a complete OS, only fix some aspects of a broken one, primarily the boot process)
If you're referring to a Toshiba recovery facility USB which came with your PC, then I'd suggest you start here

How to restore your Toshiba computer/tablet to its factory fresh software condition using system recovery