Confusing ' Contradictory Boot Device Info


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Needs to have separate info lines for:
Loaded BCD Boot Device
Current Effective Boot Device
or some wording like that.
If one boots a system, then plugs in another boot device (to edit its BCD), then starts EasyBCD, the result is an info line "EasyBCD Boot Device:" showing a boot device different from the device for which the shown BCD is from.


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Interesting. There is no need for a separate line, EasyBCD's boot device is actually supposed to be the device the selected BCD is on. Will look into this, but it might be already fixed in 2.3 beta. Have you tried?


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Update: I just tested this in 2.3 beta and it seems fixed. I did not go back and try it in 2.2, so it would help if you could confirm it is fixed in 2.3 beta on your end as well.

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