Connecting to Internet : Tray Icon

Windows 7 - Use a T-Mobile wireless HotSpot for connection; when first connecting with it a couple of years ago an icon appeared in the Tray (guess that's what it's called -- bottom of the screen); I'd turn the HotSpot on, then click on the icon and a pop-up would appear ("Open Network and Sharing Center"): there, I'd click on my T-Mobile connection and then get on with wwwLife. For some unknown reason the tray icon disappeared this past week; T-Mobile disclaims any information or relationship with that icon, suggesting it's a Windows issue. Deleated and reloaded T-Mobile HotSpot, so that's all working OK; would, however, like to have the icon back rather than having to always go Control Panel - Network and Internet - Connect to a Network to get the popup to show up. Anyone have any info about how to 1) relocate the icon, and 2) repin it to the Taskbar? Much appreciated!