Debug WinPE 5.1 boot fail using EasyBCD options?

I have a WinPE 5.1 image that loads on new hardware but not older hardware. I was hoping to use the Developer tab setting "Run in SOS/Verbose-Boot Mode" to show detailed boot messages vs. the Win 8 Blue logo, but no joy.

Is there a way to cofigure the WinPE BCD file to provide more verbose boot messages? I want to determine why I get Stop Code 0x0000000A when loading on the older hardware. I am hoping verbose boot logging will shed light.




Mostly Harmless
Staff member
I would attach a debugger to find out. Use WinDbg to connect either to a VM or a separate physical machine with a (virtual) null modem cable.
There is no other way to determine the cause of a BSOD.