Deleted wrong entry - cannot boot

Hi Forum,

hope you can help. I am not able to boot my system after i deleted the wrong entry in the boot menu.

Normally i would just insert the Windows installation disk. Problem is i am on a late 2009 iMac. The optical drive is replaced by an SSD.

I am having MacOS on the SSD and the Bootcamp on secondary drive. It is on that Bootcamp that i have EasyBCD and made the mistake. I also bought the Recovery ISO - but the USB will not boot on that.

Within MacOS i can get to the Bootcamp drive - and would be able to change/edit some files. But what can i do? Which files to edit/delete for the system to boot as if there was not EasyBCD?

MANY thanks!


Mostly Harmless
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You can create a bootable USB stick from the Windows installation disk ISO and boot from that, if you like. Our full Windows setup DVD repair instructions are here: