Dell Inspiron 9400 - Running Windows 98, Driver Help Needed


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So I have an old Dell Inspiron 9400 and I thought I would Install 98 on it so I could play old games on real hardware, but I can't get any drivers to work nor can I find any. It nativly runs XP, and I know there are ways out there to finagle drivers to work, but I'm just not that good at doing that. It runs just fine, but I want to see if I can get a USB driver, Video driver, and Sound driver. If anyone has any ideas on where I can get those, that would be amazing.
I just want to say that there are may be difficult to find drivers for Windows 98 on an old Dell Inspiron 9400, as the device is quite old and Windows 98 is a very outdated operating system. Additionally, Dell likely stopped providing support and updates for the device many years ago.

One possible solution would be to try searching for the drivers on third-party websites, such as or However, even if you are able to find drivers, there is no guarantee that they will work properly on your device, as they may not be compatible with the hardware or have been designed for a different version of Windows.

Another option would be to use a different operating system, such as Windows XP or Windows 7, which are more likely to have compatible drivers available. These operating systems also have built-in support for USB, video, and sound, so you may not need to install additional drivers.

If you are looking to play old games, you can also use an emulator such as DOSBox, which allows you to run DOS games on modern systems, without the need for specific drivers.

It's important to note that installing an older operating system like Windows 98 on your old device, may decrease its performance and increase the risk of security vulnerabilities and stability issues.