Detect already installed dual boot??


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Will EasyBCD detect my already installed dual boot system?
I have Win 10 as the first OS install and then Linux Mint as a dual boot OS.

When installing EasyBCD will the software detect that I already have a dual boot system and figure things out ???
will I have to remove my dual boot
and then install EasyBCD
and then install the other three Linux distros?


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EasyBCD isn't a boot manager. It doesn't replace the MS bootmgr.
Installing it won't do anything to your PC except occupy a small amount of your disk space.
When you run it, it will do whatever you ask it to if you want to add, delete or modify any of your BCD entries.
It won't change anything unless you tell it to.
The default (top) button is "view settings" and will do exactly that, changing nothing, but showing you everything in the BCD store.
If you bought the PC with W10 installed, it's likely to be new enough to be UEFI, in which case you can't boot Linux via Windows, only the reverse.
Are you currently dual-booting via grub ?
Read EasyBCD and UEFI if so.