Detecting My PC's Host Name (Windows)

Hi guys,

I have been having issues with my PC recently. I had troubles connecting with some sites because my IP has been erroneously flagged as spam.

I attempted reporting the issue formally but all attempt to fix this proved abortive. I stumbled on a site where It was requested of me post my IP address, host name and email. I could supply all that was needed from me except the Host name. I have read different sites on how to figure out Host name yet none was clear enough for me to get through this issue.

I'll be excited If any one in the house can guide me through either to get my IP address unbanned or tell me how to detect my host name.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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Have you spoken to your ISP? They would have all those details.
Thank you @Ex_Brit for the response. How do I contact my ISP?

I know my Internet Service Provider - KKON Technologies LTD also known as Fiberone Broad band.

This is all the info I have for now..


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OK they are the people to consult regarding your IP address. They can change it if necessary.
Regarding host name - that's the name you gave the machine when first setting it up.
Click Start anf type Command click Enter
Above you will see listings including Command Prompt.
Right-click that and select "Run as Administrator"
Click OK when the security pop-up appears
In the Command Prompt window type hostname and click Enter
The hostname is listed.
Thank you for the response.

You are the best.

I just followed the exact steps you suggested. My host name is HP.

Now, do I get my IP address removed from spam list or even change the IP address.

I hope there are no risks attached to changing one's IP address.

Apologies If my questions are getting too much.

You've been helpful and I really appreciate you for that.


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You must ask your ISP, there may be a charge for changing IP addr esses. However they should allow it free of charge. in your casw


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It shouldn't be complicated. Just a phone call to your ISP should settle everything.


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You are most welcome :wink: