Disc would not load

I really would like some help please my Toshiba is not working I try I I know it would not start up. I trying using safe mode it could only allow safe mode. I have no restore point couldn't restore. I try suggestion I saw online. I please the recovery disk in last night at first I try I couldn't get it boot from cd/dvd. Eventually I press the spacebar key before the screen keep up and it came up. It ask me if I want to recover and keep files or wipe the computer I choose the second because I was unsure while it was giving me trouble in the first place. After it begun to recovery the disc recovery disk 1 of 2. It just took me to a blank screen wit a small little sign like a upside down L and the cursor next to it. What is it telling me it keep going back to the same spot. I don't know what to do next is there another disk am I missing something or is something else wrong. Do I have to use another disc ?

I download easyb and burn to disc on another computer but it would not load


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The recovery disk is only that, it is not a system disk so it can't reinstall a system. As you wiped the disk you will need an Operating System disk to reinstall the system from scratch.
However EasyRE questions are not answered in these forums. Please see the announcement at the top here or the first sticky post there.

EasyBCD is not used for this purpose but is used in a multi-boot scenario where you want to have a choice of different systems to boot into.
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