download virus

jim bean

the direct url link for 'easy usb creator' comes out clean on ...

however, detects TWO virus in the download .exe file after
downloading ...

what happened ? can viruses be picked up during transmission ?
and if so, apparently yes, how to avoid picking up extra 'guests' ?


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All clear here, with McAfee or alternatively with MWD and/or Malwarebytes Pro
It should be noted that MSE expired in January this year and receives no updates.
(I only have McAfee active normally but keep the other 2 updated but inactive).

jim bean

Most likely false positives.
What does MSE say when you scan ?
not using mse ... 'zone alarm' & 'malware bytes pro' no detections after 'easy usb' download ...
virustotal after download two detections, before download zero detections:
Elastic Malicious (high Confidence)
Zillya Adware.Toolbar.Win32.3445
how is this possible ? picks up extra 'passengers' during transmission ?

jim bean

Are you downloading through a 3rd party website? They often load adware on anything they carry.
Try from here, ignore registration if you wish.
Easy USB Creator
thx Ex-Brit, not 3rd party, downloading directly same link ...
referring to picking up viruses during transmission, not from the source server ...
likely impossible to know whose internet servers, and how many are linking to what and in the process
attach extra bits & bytes ...


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Still think it's more likely that your particular software is regarding something legit as suspicious and flagging it up because they haven't whitelisted the app like other virus checkers have already done.