Downloaded current version of EasyBCD but not opening / installing in my Operating System - Please resolve


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Though I have easily downloaded the updated current version of EasyBCD. for a few number of times, but it is not opening / installing in my desktop having Windows XP SP 2 Professional operating system.. Please guide and advise


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EasyBCD, as the name implies, assists in managing the contents of the BCD.
Windows Vista was the first such OS, and that continues to be the boot data store through to W10.
XP however used a completely different boot manager/loader NTLDR which used the text file "boot.ini" as the boot data store.
Whilst EasyBCD can help you dual-boot XP on a PC with Vista/W7/8/8.1/10, it has no function on an XP-only PC since there is no BCD for it to manage.


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Thanks Terry for your guidance. However, I, already had Win xp professional sp2 and Win 7 Ultimate in two separate Drives in my PC. Now, when I re-installed win xp sp2, the booting option vanished. Hence, with a view to get back the booting option page , I attempted downloading and installation of the up-to-date version of EasyBCD. At this stage, while the EasyBCD has been downloaded successfully in win xp prof. sp2 operating system, but, the same is NOT responding to my installing attempt i.e. the exe file is not responding to mouse clicks. With the above problem I need your help and guidance so that with the help of EasyBCD I may be able to bring back my Boot Loader Page with option to boot either of the operating systems i.e. win xp or win 7 .
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Is it the setup that isn't running or EasyBCD itself after setup?


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Hi mqudsi,
Thanks. It is after EasyBCD Setup - the software is not responding to mouse clicks. However, the old version of EasyBCD was opening after setup, but, that has not been helpful, in bringing back the Multi Boot Option Page. Hence this up-to-date version downloaded.