Downloaded Windows 8 recovery disk doesn't contain anything executable

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I purchased your window 8 recovery disk yesterday. The ISO I burned following your directions contains NOTHING that is usable. I scoured your site for anything that I might have missed and yet there is nothing.

The contents of the disk created from the ISO are as follows:
  • Bootstrap.ufs.gz
  • easyre.ifs.uzip
  • launchcode
  • and a Boot directory that contains:
  • \boot\boot.catalog
  • boot\grub\i386-pc\*numch of files ending in .mod
  • boot\grub\locale
  • boot\grub.cfg
  • kernel\kernel.gz

I would like a full refund please.:rage:


Mostly Harmless
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They are bootable CDs, they're not meant to contain Windows executables - they're executable on the machine level by booting from them in the BIOS. Send an email to the address above if you can't get it to work.
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