Drive letter confusion in backup/restore


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Well I finally got around to unhiding my sys folders/files so I could see where all the good stuff is really going and lo and behold...

I have XP on 1st physical drive
I have VHP32 on 2nd physical drive
I installed from CD boots so that which ever OS is in charge it is on C drive (and others fend for themselves)

When using EasyBCD to backup (or restore) it says it is saving or to:
it really is saving to drive D: (see snapshot)
this has helped me stay confused about the whole boot/dual boot process, but between my forced recent education and this revalation, I now know more than I ever wanted to... hah
So I have backed up a copy of recovery.bcd (named something else) on the Vista drive (2nd physical) so that after I repair XP I can run EBCD and recover, althougjh I suppose I could use the recovery file on the XP drive, but just in case something terrible happens...


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You can choose just what drive/partition and even folder to save a copy of the BCD with any name by clicking what looks like the folder icon at the end of the text line.

When and if you need to recover the backup however you still need to be able to boot into Vista in order to see that done there. Running EasyBCD in XP simply allows you to repair the Vista mbr while booted in the older version.