Dual boooting Windows 7 and Fedora Linux/.

Previusly I encountered a problem using Easy BCD to dual boot Windows 7 and Fedora Linux. What it finally came down to is that I get put into a grub 2 interface where I have to manually enter commands like

root (hd1,0)
kernel (hd1,0)/kernel/vmlinuz...
initrd (hd1,0)/init...
(The machine has two disks with Windows 7 on the first and Fedora 17 on the second.)

I plan to upgrade to Fedora 18, and I would like to get Easy BCD to work without the necessity of the manual commands.

Is there anything new about the matter? The Easy BCD website give insturctions for dual booting Vista and Fedora, which must be way out of date.

Also, I have another machine which is currently dual booting successfully Windows 7 and an earlier version of Fedora. I would also like to upgrade the Fedora partition on that machine which has a single disk partitioned between Windows 7 and Fedora.

Anything helpful would be appreciated.