Following on from my previous problem and the conversations with Terry. The computer has now failed. I think the motherboard is the problem. I have a new computer and have succesfully installed Windows 7 Home Edition. Following instructions on how to load XP after 7 I was able to copy the "F6 floppy drivers to a USB floppy drive. These I obtained from the supplied "ASUS MB support CD" which under "make a disk" gave the option "AMD AHCI/RAID driver disk" which were duly copied to the usb floppy drive. When I went into the BIOS to change the boot priority both the floppy drive and a USB key which was in the computer were present. I rebooted using the Windows XP Professional CD and hit the f6 key as required.The computer ave me the option to select "AMD AHCI compatible RAID controller -64 platform" and the alternative "AMD AHCI compatible RAID controller -86 platform" as the first one was highlighted I chose this one. I could hear the floppy running so assume the files were loaded. I carried on installing XP. A message did briefly flash up about the AHCI drivers but XP seemed to load OK. Now I get a brief flash of Windows XP load page and then an error message beggining "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut to prevent damage to your computer". Now nothing works. I cannot start anything and neither installation disk will work i repair mode. I think I might be able to do a complete reinstallation of 7. But trying to do this with XP fails. Any suggestions?



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