Dual boot broken after Windows 10 upgrade

Starting point: desktop, dual boot, Win XP and Win 8.1. All working perfectly.

I upgraded the Win 8.1 system to Win 10 after the July 29th official release. The Win 10 install went fine, no problems. BUT: The first attempt to boot back into XP resulted in an ntoskrnl.exe error.

(From here on, all invocations of EasyBCD 2.2 were done under Win 10, not under XP..)

Since the EasyBCD doc says it's dangerous to change an XP entry, I added a new entry via EasyBCD. Rebooted, selected the new XP entry from the boot menu, and all went perfectly.. XP alive and well. Booted back into Win 10 and used EasyBCD to delete the 'middle' entry, leaving Win 10 first (default) and the new Win XP entry second. Win 10 still boots fine, but the new XP entry now gives an NTLDR error.

Added another new entry (3rd position). Rebooted, selected the 3rd entry.. Win XP booted fine. Deleted the
2nd entry (the XP that caused the NTLDR error) and tried again. AGAIN, after deleting the middle (XP) entry, the 3rd (XP) entry again causes an NTLDR error.

Added a 3rd entry (XP) AGAIN. This time, I did not delete the 2nd entry.. instead, I moved it down in the list. Tried again to boot into XP via the (now) 2nd entry, and it failed with the NTLDR error, even though all 3 entries were still there.

What's happening here? Should I delete BOTH XP entries, then add a new one? I don't want to lose XP bootability 'cuz all my important files and stuff are on XP until I thoroughly wring out Win 10.

Suggestions/solutions/recommendations on how to proceed are all welcome.


Mostly Harmless
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Yup, go ahead and delete all XP entries before creating a new one. Should be safe.
Use EasyBCD 2.3 for best results.
I have exactly the same problem except when I try to add an entry EasyBCD says it does not see the WIN XP installation. Side Note: If I boot from the XP drive XP works fine. But no so from the Win 7 multiboot menu. Please advise.

Thank you


Mostly Harmless
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@mmullen2 please don't litter other threads with the same complaints. Kindly restrict your posts to your own thread.