Dual boot - DOS 6.22 and Windows 7 Pro



Here is what I did:
1) Install "DOS 6.22" on a fresh 500GB Harddisk.
2) The "DOS 6.22" can bootup successfully. It is on a FAT 2GB partition.
3) Then install "Windows 7" on a 100GB NTFS partition.
4) The "Windows 7" can bootup successfully. However, I can't bootup the "DOS 6.22" anymore. In Windows 7, the DOS partition is not assigned any drive letter and therefore I set it as "F:"
5) Install the "EasyBCD 2.1" on "Windows 7" and add an entry for "DOS 6.22".
6) I notice that a folder "NST" is created on the "F:" (the DOS FAT16). There is an "AutoNeoGrub0.mbr". Also there is a "ANG0" file on the root directory on "F:"
7) Everytime I want to boot from the "DOS 6.22", it just brings me to a "GRUB" prompt.

The "real-mode boot sector" is strange that the "path" points to "\NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr". I think this is the reason why the "GRUB" prompt always comes up.

Does anyone see this problem before? How do you solve this eventually?
Thank you


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How did GRUB get involved? It would have been easiest to just use 7's bootloader and add DOS to that.
I don't know! The "real mode boot sector" just pointed to the GRUB loader after I added a new entry for DOS. And it cannot be modified.....
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I have to same problem booting to GBUB - How do you add DOS to windows 7's bootloader. Or what do you do to get to DOS after GRUB boots ???


thx Terry,

I changed my system to what it should be, but i still get into grub instead of dos.
What did you mean with "Point 5 in the OP, CG"?

thanks for your help


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It looks like I'm going to have to re-test this. It was working perfectly the last time I tried it...


thx for your reply...

is there any other way to get it running?
tried "boot-us", but no success.
i'd need it urgently

best regards

edit: EasyBCD Version 2.0 worked!!!
Thanks for help.
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What did you mean with "Point 5 in the OP, CG"?
I was replying to CG's question in the previous post about the version of Easy in use.
The answer was in point 5 of the OP (Original Post)