dual boot efi gpt

I have laptop from HP. Installed windows 8.1 (EFI plus gpt partition scheme). Windows boots. Then installed fedora 21. (Efi plus gpt partition. Secure boot disabled as it does not play good with virtualbox installed in fedora).

After installation of fedora, on reboot, it booted to grub. Windows entry there. (In windows fast boot disabled).

After booting into windows, it restored some information in bios, because it now again boots directly to windows.

After googling, i learned that this is a problem with hp laptop.

Solution is to hit escape ket while booting coupled with f9 to bring boot menu wherein you can select fedora option to boot.

At present on my laptop there is

I can boot to feodra/centos/windows by above mentioned method. (There is no separate windows entry. I can select windows 8 or 8.1 while booting windows).

I may like to make grub default but hp overwrites.

So i thought may be easybcd may help. but from reading threads it appears that it is not possible.

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 not booting from EasyBCD 2.2

Any suggestions?