Dual boot error message

I've posted on the Ubuntu forum and no response after a month...so maybe I'm the only one experiencing this particular
message. I have not had alot of success Googling for similar problems...so I'm hoping someone out here can provide some feedback. I'm not assuming this is
an EASYBCD issue so maybe I'm in the wrong forum.

I'm running Xubuntu 12.04 on a T61 Lenovo with Win 7sp1(latest BIOS update,300 gb hitchai HD ) using EASYBCD 2.2.
Everything is working fine but I am getting the following error message after selecting Xubuntu on the win boot manager.

Starting cmain()
!!number of heads for drive 80 restored from 255 to 240.

Message disappears after ~ 1 sec and boots right into Xubuntu.

Since xubuntu boots and Win7 boots should I just forget about this or do I have some thing royally screwed up?

Gparted shows no warnings or errors however testdisk warning: number of heads/cylinders mismatches 240(NTFS) !=255(HD. I have the bootscript output if
that would help anyone debug this.