Dual boot fails after OS reinstall


I have been running a working dual boot system created with Easy BCD which is now failing for reasons I can't work out. This was a dual boot Vista (Default) / XP setup. Due to the fact that Microsoft cannot write Operating Systems that remain stable over time I had to do an annual clean install of Vista. Before I did this I did the following -

1. Backed up the working BCD Bootloader
2. Backed up the entire XP image, including the boot sector (stored on a separate drive)
3. Noted the drive number allocated to the XP drive (in my case G:smile:
4. After Vista installed, made sure that the XP drive was allocated drive letter G:

With my new clean Vista install I then replaced the backup up bootloader only to get the annoying "NTLDR" missing message when selecting the XP boot option. I then tried restoring the original XP image file on drive G (in my mind not required as my Vista reinstall did not touch this drive), still the same error.

Last try, I noticed on the Settings page that the XP OS was indicated as being on the C: drive which can't be correct - this is my primary Vista OS drive. So I changed this back to the G: drive and still the same result. Unless I'm missing the plot here, the XP boot sector on my G drive should have the NTLDR boot file on it right?

So aside from yet another tedious start from scratch with another XP install, anyone got any suggestions?
The XP files were copied to Vista when you originally dual-booted. The reinstall removed them.
The BCD should point to C: (the boot file copies - they,in turn, point to XP).
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
delete the XP entry
add it again, let Easy2 auto-configure
dont change the drive letter.

The 2.0 version will do all of the copying and editing of files that you had to do manually with 1.7