Dual Boot failure

I have Windows 7 installed on one SATA HDD (Disc 0) which is default boot device. I also have XP installed on another SATA HDD (Disc 1) which I'm trying to set up as a dual boot with Windows 7.

I've downloaded and installed EasyBCD 2.0 Beta and followed instructions in this forum but still PC fails to boot up in XP. I always get the message that a recent hardware or software change may be the cause and suggests doing a repair install. This is followed by

File: /NTLDR
Status: 0x00000F
Info: Selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

I've repeated the pocess a number of times and always get the automated NTLDR configuration widow up etc so it appears to be doing what it says on the tin, however XP still doesn't boot

Appreciate some guidance.


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Hi Barrow, welcome to NST
Did you let W7 install to a blank disk, doing its own partition setup ?
If so, and it's created an unlettered "system" partition, then give the partition a letter and delete/add the XP entry again.
EasyBCD included code to handle unlettered partitions quite a few builds back, but it doesn't seem to work for all users, a situation which CG is trying to debug currently.
If this is your situation, it would be a great help if you could locate where the NTLDR, ntdetect.com and boot.ini have been put (or if they've been created at all) before using the workaround above, (you'll need folder options set like this) and post the information in a bug report thread in the BugCentral forum, along with a screenshot of your Disk Management and the EasyBCD view settings information as detailed in the last point of the sticky thread
If the above scenario is not relevant to your situation, could you post the aforementioned information in this thread, and I'll tell you what's needed for a manual workaround.
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Thanks for response which is spot on!

The system reserved partition on Win 7 drive was not labelled. Performed this action, removed and (re) added XP and I'm now able to boot to either disc.

In my eagerness to get up and working as dual boot I forgot about your request for further information. Very remiss of me and for which I apologise! The one thing I can confirm, as I did at least check this; NTLDR, ntdetect.com and boot.ini did not appear to have been created. I can only assume as the drive partition was not labelled and thus not visible under 'my computer' or' windows explorer' then v2.0 beta assumes there is nothing there.


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It should be able to put everything necessary in the right place regardless of the letter (and does so successfully most of the time), but we need to pin down the common factor(s) on those configurations where it fails, and the nature of the failure (picking the wrong place, doing nothing, etc).
Shame you didn't provide any more clues for us, but you could perhaps confirm or deny whether there are copies of those XP files anywhere else on your system from the earlier attempt.
i hope this is the right place i have a acer aspire 5315 notebook all i am getting is bootmgr is compressed press ctrl-alt-del to restart i dont have recovery disc i did email acer but no help at all so please can you help