Dual Boot n 2 disks (or more...)

I have a computer with 3 "extractible" disks for easy swith / repair ...
I would like to have the possibility to have on each disk a different system (for instance Windows 7-32 bits, Windows 7- 64 bits and Windows 8) and be able to select which system to boot without beeing forced to to the selection through the BIOS settings
I assume EasyBCD can help me on this matter, but, I don't see how to define the location of the different disks
When I look at the Disk Management Services from Windows, the disks are identified as Disk 0, Disk 1, Disk 2
I know which system is installed on each disk and just need to select the right one

What should i do ?

Thanks Have a good day


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Whichever system you use to be the default, calls the other system partitions by a disk letter in Explorer.
Run EasyBCD on that system and point it to the partition letters appropriate to each system.