Dual boot problem: PC not booting windows server 2003


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Just installed Windows 7 on a PC with Windows server 2003 already installed. But now, even though the boot menu shows

Earlier version of windows Windows 7
Entering the Earlier version meant for Server 2003 does not loads the server OS, instead the initial screen of server OS loading comes up and freezes with very dim light. Its not loading. Win 7 loads nicely. In the msconfig utility in Win 7, the Earlier Version option too is not there.
I can only access win 7 now, and not server 2003 which I want to use as it has important SAP installation and other stuff. I dont have any idea as to how to start the server 2003 OS. Not getting any idea, any detailed process like modifying boot files of server 2003 from within win 7, or alike. Please suggest corrective steps ASAP.

I dont need the win 7, server 2003 is far more important with all important SAP and other stuff installed.

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