Dual Boot Setup

I know I'm missing something obvious but it just isn't obvious... to me, anyway :confused:

I have a REFERENCE W7 image (Macrium Reflect) created on this particular hardware. I installed a new SSD (Legacy-MBR mode) and pre-created 2-partitions for use by system images. Then, using Reflect, I restored the reference image to both partitions. I set the first of the two to be the ACTIVE partition then BOOTed the system... all worked well. I then changed the partition serial # of the 2nd partition to be different than the 1st... just to be sure we would have no issues with that particular attribute.

While BOOTed into the active partition i ran EasyBCD (latest version) and RESET the current BCD configuration. I then created a multi-boot BCD menu consisting of an offering of both of those System partitions as a BOOT option... save all and re-BOOTed the system. Tried both menu items offered and each one BOOTs me into the same partition... I cannot come up with a working config that allows me to BOOT into the 2nd system partition.

OK, what's that obvious thing I missed along the way :openmouth:... I'm sooooooo confused :confused:

...OK, I'm in the middle of the required reading, be back when I either understand or don't understand it.
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