dual boot will not load xp


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I have one physical drive, Vista on 2nd partition (C:smile: XP on 1st partition (D:smile:. EasyBCD is setup for these and both show in the configuration. At boot, both show as choices. Vista works fine. Choosing XP causes a reboot back to the same choice screen. I can boot to XP by making the XP partition active, in which case no
Vista option is available, so my XP installation is fine. Make the Vista partition active and I get the boot manager screen.
I had this working 2 days ago, when I did a reinstall of Vista. I suspect the problem is the XP boot.ini. I have tried this in many forms, however, and none work. Adding a boot.ini in the Vista partition gets me a second boot screen, which fails as described above. Can someone with a working configuration like this just send along their settings, especially the boot.ini? Thanks.
Hi twohands,

I'm afraid that won't work: every computer has its own different BCD and boot.ini depending on the partition order, operating system install order, and many more settings.

What you need to do:
In EasyBCD (from Vista) change the drive letter for the XP entry to the letter of the XP drive as Vista sees it.


If it doesn't work:
Open XP's boot.ini, and change the disk(x) parameter to disk(y) where `y` is equal to `x` plus one.