Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10????

Windows 7 PRO and Ubunto 12.10 both are installed on my HP laptop. Used EasyBCD to make sure all the partitions were okay and that both would show up for choice at startup. SUCCESS so far!


When I chose Windows 7, loads and comes up like normal and I can do anything I want. So partial success!

When I chose Ubuntu, I get the following error message and need to know how to fix:

Windows failed to start and you must either:

1. Install Windows install disk
2. Choose your language
3. Click repair

Status: 0Xc0000098

Selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

So, thoughts on how to get Ubuntu to launch when I chose? Know there is something I am missing.......


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
If this is an EFI machine, GRUB2 must be the main loader..