Dual boot Windows 8 Release Preview x64 and Windows 7

I installed windows release preview on a windows 7 system. The windows 8 doesn't show me the windows 7 as a option to choose on start up, how do I get this working. I want to get back to windows 7 as that is my primary system..i installed windows 8 on a new partioon..I am attaching the output of dismgmt.msc here for you reference. My windows 7 is on the E drive lebel..the windows 8 system shows that as empty somehow



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Click the lower right corner of your screen to get the charms bar up and click Settings, then 'Change PC Settings' and go to the General Tab and scroll down for Advanced options. Restart and you should be given the option to change how Windows 8 boots and hopefully Windows 7 will appear there although with your rather strange drive lettering it may not, C should have been 7 and E 8 and positioned at the end of C not before it.. It's all laid out in one of the links I posted in my original reply here. That should restore your old Windows 7 boot screen back.

If not, do you have the original 7 installation DVD or is there a hidden recovery partition accessible perhaps by clicking a function key at bootup?


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