Dual-boot worked fine, now it doesn't

I used EasyBCD several weeks ago to set up Win8 and Win7 and it's been fine. I wasn't really using Win8 for anything, just playing with it. But a few days ago I started getting Win8 ready to really use, which means installing programs and moving data. Somehow that screwed up the boot process.

Now, when it's booting, after the Dell splash screen, when it should give me the boot menu, there's a brief screen flash, then a flashing "_" cursor appears in the top left of the screen. Hitting any key will cause the cursor to drop down a little, then the boot menu appears and everything's okay after that. But if I don't do something to make that cursor move, no matter how long I wait, the boot menu never appears.

I used System Restore to take Windows back as far as I could but that was only a day; for some reason it lost the previous restore points. I also used the "repair" function in EasyBCD and it said it repaired okay but it didn't fix the problem.

I'd appreciate any ideas.


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