Dual OS & Easy BCD Help *URGENT*

Hi guys

hope you are all good. i need some urgent help i have always like a dual operating system because some programs i use arnt very responsive with 7 but work great on xp.

now i have created a partition on my hard drive which is now labelled as C: and E: one is 400 gb and the other is 50gb.

I have installed windows 7 on C: which is up and running working great and installed xp on E: which is 50gb.

Now someone suggested i use Easy BCD as windows used xp as a default operating system when i wanted 7 as my default.

I ran easy BCD in windows set it up for 7 as default and selected user selection in properties on restart windows selection screen came up with windows 7 in it as i hadnt installed xp at that time so i thought great its all working.

I then installed xp to find that now it boots up as xp as default.

I have also installed easy BCD on windows xp and tried having xp and 7 in the list, selected xp as E: and 7 as C: and it sets xp default to C:

when i restart it dont give me a selection for 7 or xp just uses xp as a default

hope it makes sense as i typed this quickly

thanks in advance

Here is a screenshot i set xp to E: which it is located and it sets it to C: for some reason


[TABLE="width: 90%, align: center"]
[TD="class: code"]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/bcdn.jpg/
Thanks for the reply

did what the guide said and now im getting this error when trying to add windows xp to the boot menu

dont know what it means