installed windows 8.1, Norton ghost 15.0
hardware two drives. drive 1 has two partions.

initially vista was installed on drive c. afterwards vista was upgraded to windows 7.
with Norton ghost i made an image of the system. i restored this image to check. it worket perfect.

a couple of days ago i installed windows 8.1 on the c drive.

i wanted to use w8.1 and w7 in dual boot. (easybcd)

i restored the image on drive d. this came without problems to an end. however the restart of window 7 was not possible. the system retured with an invitation to log on at a domain. i had to provide userid an pasword. no idea what to provide. i expected a normal start of w7.

i contacted Norton symantc chat room. there they informed me that dual boot was not possible on the same drive. Is this a true statement.

if not true how can i solve my problem.

gerard visser, purmerend, the netherlands


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As you can see, of course it's OK to dual-boot from one HDD.
Are Norton saying you can't restore their image to a different partition on the same HDD ?
What's the data in your EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed mode) ?