duplicate drive listing.

Strange one......running Windows 8.1 (C:smile: and Windows 10 TP (G:smile: Windows 8.1 is set as default.. At start up (DOS) screen shows 2 entries of Windows 8.1 and 1 of Windows 10 TP. Checking via edit menu shows nothing wrong; there are only two entries listed - 1 for Windows 8.1 (default) and one for Windows 10 TP. Any one with explanation ?

Edit: Also, sometimes on start up, I'm presented with the metro style icon boot disc selection though in general the DOS style boot selection is the norm. Again, anyone with an explanation ?

Help with the above gratefully appreciated.
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It sounds to me like you have two different BCD stores, and they're being (sometimes) used - one for MBR-style boot and one for EFI. EasyBCD is loading up a BCD store that isn't the one your system is using to create the boot menu.

I'm guessing you're on an EFI machine - you should mount the boot partition (mountvol S: /s) and then use EasyBCD to manually load both the BCD files on that partition. One will be in \Boot\BCD and the other will be in \efi\Microsoft\Boot\BCD