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I was looking for solutions to speed up my buddypress website because it's taking ages to load and I've randomly found this article of yours which talks about "eAccelerator for Wordpress".
It says to extract the file and upload it to the "wp-content" folder or at least it's what I understood from it, but when I upload and refresh my website I see no signals of improvement at all. I thought maybe I need to change some settings on "wp-admin" or something I see no tab on the WP dashboard so I guess that's it right? upload the file to "wp-content" and it should be working well?
I really need to do something about the speed performance. Caching plugins doesn't seem to do much about it. My hosting server is pretty quick on normal Wordpress sites with lightweight themes and stuff, First I thought maybe this could be a theme's issue for taking so long to load, but I installed a few lightweight buddypress themes and tested its performance and is still taking the same time to load.
Can anybody help me with the installation of this?


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Hi there,

eAccelerator for WordPress is really an advanced plugin/module for WP for advanced users that want low-level control over the PHP caching setup. If static caching plugins like total cache and w3cache don't do anything for you, our plugin won't help. You'll probably need to contact your webhost to find out what's going on.
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