Easy BCD- View settings Page lacks Down arrow Scroll button

This Message goes out to the Programmers of EASY BCD-

Has anyone else notice this flaw in the program? On the "VIEW SETTINGS" page where it lists your entries with the Name, BCD ID, Drive, and Boot Loader Path, I can only see about 5 of my 7 entries. I have noticed this flaw and emailed the site before and they never fixed it. It does not matter what monitor I am using or what DPI I have my screen set at, it always shows the TOP SCROLL ARROW on the right, the Sliding Bar, and the Bottom arrow for scrolling is missing. This Flaw in the program has been in all versions I have used before and I even see it when I install it in XP, Vista and Windows 7. This is a not a bug, but poor programing of the application.


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This is a not a bug, but poor programing of the application.
It can't be in the default configuration. Here's a screenshot on a clean installation of Windows 7 with a custom EasyBCD BCD file. As you can see, both scroll buttons are there.

I know you said it wasn't DPI, but it almost certainly is DPI-related. For what it's worth, there are probably hundreds of screenshots of EasyBCD uploaded to the site from our users asking for help, we've never heard this complaint before except during the beta phase when we were working on DPI.


And yes, I meant by the DPI and resolution. And yet, NEOSMART has not fixed the problem. I have noticed this was different based on the monitor or version of windows I used.

This problem doesn't occur with any other software I use, free or not free, however, it does affect some programs by making them taller than the screen, but the scroll bar windows works fine. A
Changing from a FHD to HD , doesn't affect it, and yet if I increase over 100% or the normal font display, your program truncates the entries. This should not happen. It should not affect the scrolling window scrollbar, but only make the font smaller or larger along with the window.

The fact that I see you are aware of this problem and still haven't fixed it, makes me think less of the quality of the programming of it. In fact, I came about to use it with windows 8, and I used it the same way with XP, and yet it will not boot into VHDs anymore or ISO images when I apply the features.

The program is not compatibly with Windows 8, but here I am back two years later to see if you all fixed the scrolling problem and have not, and now back again to see if I can boot into an ISO like I could in on windows 7 with a Standard BIOS. But of course, I am testing this once again on UEFI with WINDOWS 8.


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Hey buddy, it's nice to hear from you again. I provided a screenshot of a clean installation of EasyBCD on a clean installation of Windows. If you have a problem with the software and you're literally the only person of millions to report it, the onus is on you to help us pin it down. Do so, and I'll gladly fix it.

Provide screenshots. There's something different about your configuration and setup. It's certainly DPI-related. Show me.