Easy RE fails to restore my Win7

I have a PC with myltiple HDDs. Win7 i sinstalled on HDD1, while the boot loader was installed on HDD2 (this is due to historical reasons). Now the HDD2 is dead. I'm trying to boot to my Win7 since it is all on the HDD1 except of the boot loader. Easy RE can see my Win7 in the automatic repair option. But when I click to repair it outputs:

Preparing to repair Windows partition on /dev/ada0s2
  • Volume identified as NTFS
  • Searching for boot-related problems...
  • Rewriting the MBR on /dev/ada0
  • Rebuilding the bootsector on /dev/ada0s1
  • Failed to rewrite bootsector! Check logs for more details.
  • Unable to proceed with the repair of this volume. Check logs for more details.

Is there anything elase I can try to do with Easy RE in order to restore my Win7 load? And where is the logs which I can check in order to undersand the cause of trouble?

Any help is appreciated.