Easy RE serious problem...

After using EasyBCD I bought Easy RE Home for Windows 7 on monday 5th of august 2013, I used your software to be able to restart my computer that could not boot (continuous loop restarts). Many problems raised up, but at the end I was able to access Windows again.
The only thing that is not working at all since the usage of your software is to access the F8 key on a restart to be able to enter repair mode or safe mode to initiate a system restore to a previous good working situation. As I cannot acces repair mode, I hoped at least to restore a previous session but that also seems impossible. I tried to access the restore mode after starting in normal mode but restoring a previous clean situation causes Windows not starting anymore. So the only solution is to use again Easy RE. This is not really practical and makes the system restore totally impossible.
Could you please give me some explanation and consistant help regarding this problem?
Thank you in advance,
Alain J. Gheysens

Mak 2.0

Staff member
If you're having problems downloading your recovery CD, the following links should prove helpful:
•Repairing the Bootloader: A guide to booting into and using the Windows repair CDs, with instructions on how to repair many problems.
•Free Download Manager: Use this if you're experiencing problems with incomplete downloads, download timeouts, or download corruption.
•Guide to burning CDs: Follow the instructions here to convert the ISO image you download from here into a bootable CD that can be used to repair your PC.

If you're still having problems downloading, burning, or booting, you should send an email to support@systemdiscs.com.

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