Easy Recovery Essentials Windows 7 Problems

Everthing was working ok installed new program System Mechanics did scan to see what was wrong ask to restart on restart goes to desktop but cannot get into anything on desktop at all as it says window explorer is not working and also the desktop is not a the right resolution and cannot doing anything to change. Have windows 7 recovery disc put in did a system restore said it was repaired, restart still same problem also cannot get into safe mode or advance boot menu at all also did a automated repair with not success. In Easy recover essentials I can find everything on the Hd which all I want to get off of it is the Doucments as they were not backup as this is friends computer. There is not much else on computer for programs so if I cannot fix the window explorer problems I would like save the files and I will do a recovery on laptop from the computer as it is a Toshia Sallellite L675D-S7104. Also is theer any way that I can uninstall the System Mechanics from the commandas I do not know much on command. Hope you can help me.
When I try to save files it starts to save to external HD 0r flash Disc than stops with this error Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character. Please need help to save these files so I can reinstall windows 7 I am very new at this.

Mak 2.0

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There is no way to use the Recovery Essentials to remove the program. That has to be done within Windows. Are you able to still boot into Windows normally even though it is hampered? If so use that to remove the program, and try using a Restore Point.


Mostly Harmless
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I guess you could manually find the affected file via the browse/backup feature and delete them. That's in no way supported, though.