Easy USB won't boot


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Just purchased Easy USB to allow a portable external USB disk to be used . Bought the app, located a Windows 10 ISO file, followed instructions.... No boot. Disk is formatted, there are files on the disk, it is viewable on file manager on the laptop, but it sill bypasses and goes to on-board HDD. Tried on several different laptops.

Am I missing something?


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Part II.

Didn't have thumb formatted for FAT32. So, did so.
Then used XP install iso, didn't unzip, or anything. Just clicked on ISO
Created thumb drive.

Now, on my Dell Latitude D630C, F12, boot from USB...
error: can't find command 'echo'.
error: can't find command 'true'.
back and forth, about 6 times, then defaults to built in drive...

I can access files on the thumb drive, checks correct, just no boot