EasyBCD 2.1 is not launched after starting and error message is displayed.


I've downloaded and installed EasyBCD 2.1. It is not launched after starting and error message is displayed.
Message: "Configuration system failed to initialize" (see screenshot below and attached crash log in file "ebcd_saencryptedreport.zip").


For more information: Windows XP and Windows Vista are installed on my computer. Some time ago EasyBCD worked correctly. But now it is not launched when i try to start it from WinXP (Vista is not loading now).
All versions of Microsoft .NET framework are installed.
Also, EasyBCD 1.7.2 show more detailed exception text, I attached it in file "ebcd1.7.2_exception_text.txt".

Best regards, I hope for help.


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  • ebcd1.7.2_exception_text.txt
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Mak 2.0

Staff member
If you are using EasyBCD 2.1, then you shouldnt be getting an exception list from EasyBCD 1.7.2 since that is an older outdated version. Have you completely removed the older versions of EasyBCD before installing the latest version?


I used EasyBCD 1.7.2 and took this exception. Then I removed (uninstall) this version and installed version 2.1. Situation was same.


Mostly Harmless
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You need to manually delete the NEOSMART_TECHNOLOGIES folder in C:\Users\YOUR NAME HERE\AppData\Local