EasyBCD 2.2 Beta Build 172 - All boot entries gone!


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I just installed the new EasyBCD 2.2 Beta - Build 172 and now there is no entry in the boot menu!

Capture 1.JPGCapture 2.JPG

Can someone explain to me what just happened?


Otherwise, boot entries are still visible in the System Configuration and in iReboot, and PC remains bootable.

Capture 3.jpg

Bcdedit is also in order!

Capture 4.JPG
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I mentioned this in the changelog - it was very likely to happen as a result of a bug introduced in the new procedure.

I need a copy of your EasyBCD backup. EasyBCD | BCD Backup/Repair
Put it in a zip file and attach it here.

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Interesting enough, I installed this build and my entries are still there.

Do you need a copy of my stuff as well to maybe find the source of the bug?


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I'm pretty sure it's because of te locate in the bootmgr device parameter.

I'll download and test your bcd files as soon as I get home


OK, please test with b173
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