EasyBCD 2.2 triple boot problem

Ugh. I just spent a day with my 2011 Mac Mini installing MtnLion & Windows 7 to a new SSD and installing Fedora 18 to a 2nd SSD. All was working perfectly and I was able to use the Mac option boot selector to select any one of those OSs to boot to. Then I installed EasyBCD 2.2 and added a NeoGrub entry to my windows 7 boot config. Tried booting to Fedora and got a grub prompt instead. Now, the mac mini is seemingly bricked! Just a bong & gray screen at boot. No key combinations (option; cmd+opt+p+r; cmd+r, etc) gets it any further than that! Could EasyBCD have messed with the EFI somehow? Anyway, I'm dead in the water here.