[easybcd] Asus n750 motherboard problem


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I installed windows 7 with windows 8 but can only boot on windows 8
so I tried easybcd

Now my computer won't boot and have blank black screen after asus logo ( can't acess bios )
so I backup my files and format the disk still same problem
Tried to remove Cmos battery (nothing changed)
Tried to flash bios with afudos latest available ROM at asus site (after hours/days of searching what keys needed to press to start the flash pressed all keys that usually start the flash so it worked)
it shows progress and says sucessful flash and auto reboot but still same problem

took it to a repair center they want me to replace the motherboard that costs 1000$ ( bought the laptop for 1200$)
I'm pretty sure there is a fix to restore uefi boot since it's a software problem

I have attached the backup of easybcd found on disk after this problem maybe can help

any ideas what can I do now??


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