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I emailed "Sales" but have had no response in 10 days. I figure that email is pointless so here I am.
I've bought 1 orig EasyBCD and 3 deployments. I don't understand the licensing. The downloads appear identical but if I'm not mistaken I had to use the second file of the same name to work on the three deployed stations. I've got another 4 to 7 to work on. I'd like a more thorough explanation of how the licensing works.
Somewhere on your site it mentioned a discount for multiples. Does this offer apply to me or does that kick in at a higher qty?



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We have no information about quantity discounts.
Please check you Junk/Spa m folders, with Gmail check those also online at Gmail.com, also check your ISP's online Junk/Spam folders. Normally an auto-reply is sent immediately then a proper response 2-3 days later.
If there is no trace at all of a response, try usinf a different "From" email address if possible.
I check all that as a matter of course every day. Forget about it. That's water under the bridge.
I asked two simple questions.
1. How do you track the licenses?
2. Is there some invisible difference between the exe sent when I buy the deployment vs. the exe sent on my original purchase?

I'm asking #2 because when I "deployed" the original EasyBCD exe on the new workstations the proper licensing dialog did not appear. When I ran the one downloaded at the deployment purchase I got the proper dialog for that purpose. Yet the files are identical in name and size. How the heck am I supposed to tell them apart? I've never anything like it. Maybe I'm just confused.

Reply or post a license info doc right here on the Forum. Or email me at my member email address.



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I've never used anything but the free version but isn't there something on the user interface Help > About ??


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The EasyBCD deployment licenses are a license to use the bootloader components of EasyBCD independent of EasyBCD itself. An EasyBCD license is required per device or per user using EasyBCD.

A common usage of EasyBCD is to set up an image with a multiboot configuration utilizing EasyBCD boot components then clone it to multiple PCs. If the boot configuration is cloned to PCs but EasyBCD itself is removed beforehand, a discounted "deployment license" may be used instead of the full-cost EasyBCD license for each cloned target.

For the case where you are actually using EasyBCD on multiple machines/by multiple users, separate "full" EasyBCD licenses should be purchased instead.
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