EasyBCD does not handle some boot entries - help please.


I have 2 entries on the boot screen put there by Bitdefender 4 years ago. So whenever it boots, It shows these 2 entries which I can access if I press 'tab'. I want to get rid of them. They do not show up with EasyBCD so I can't edit it that way (or at least I cannot figure out how). Attachment show what the BCD looks like. I suspect that the 2 bdbd entries are the ones that need to be removed. (memdiag ais alos on the boot screen for a memory check).
I have read about BCDEDIT but can't quite figure out how to edit these entries out and am reluctant to make a mistake.
Can anyone help and give me the commands?
A second question is what do these refer to on my PC that I should also delete? If I access the entry, it looks for a file bdr-ld01.mbr which is deleted. How did it make that connection?



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They're not BCD entries. I think they're bootmgr customizations by Bit Defender, much as OEMs frequently customize the bootmgr to include 3rd party options like "factory reset" and automatic recovery routines.
Best look to Bit Defender's support for proper removal.


Thanks Terry. Bitdefender support was of no help (actually unhelpful). They told me it was not their problem and told me to use EasyBCD :frowning:

I finally found Visual BCD which let me delete the entries.