EasyBCD does not open

Hi guys,

So for some reason, after reinstalling EasyBCD 2.3 (After uninstalling it a few hours earlier) I can't seem to open it again, I double click on the shortcut and nothing opens up.

Please help, I would like to restore a bcd backup I made a day or so back.


My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64 (Installed on a SSD) with the only other OS being Niresh Mavericks on a seperate 1TB WD HDD

EasyBCD 2.3 works on my windows 10 laptop however??

Just another update.

The beta version of 2.3 (Latest beta) works fine on my desktop?
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Tr y deleting any Neosmart folder you find, before reinstalling.


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After EasyBCD is run but doesn't load, launch the task manager and in the details view with processes from all users enabled, check for the presence of any of easybcd.exe, bootgrabber.exe, bcdedit.exe, or utfredirect.exe and report which (if any) you find there.

Also check the Windows Event Viewer for any errors pertaining to a (silent) crash of EasyBCD (winkey+r, eventvwr.msc)