easybcd does not recognize usb hd

I have windows 7 oin my pc.
I have configured windows 8 on my portable usb hd.
I have used it several time via the easybcd extender.
somehow , easybcd does not recognize any partition out of the 3 partitions on the portable hd.

another hd is being detected correctly.
how can I repair the disk?


correction - my Hd have changed in the EasyBcd menu from hd to usb on several pc.
similar Hd does being recognized as HD.
how can I resume the identification back to HD ?

Another update - same external HD - on two pc - being reconized as usb drive in the EasyBcd .
on the third - as Hd (I can see all partitions) what is the reason for this issue ?
how can I fix the two pc's so I can see the HD as HD and not usb ?
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Mostly Harmless
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EasyBCD's drive detection is based off of how Windows sees your drive; I'm afraid there's nothing you can do to influence that from within EasyBCD.