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Can EasyBCD 2.3 select drive letters beyond F?
I have it installed on a Windows 7 (64bit) drive C, and Windows XP (32bit) is on drive H (all my O/Ss are on separate drives).

When I add an XP entry (on drive H) to the Boot Menu (the drop-down list includes H), it shows up on the View Settings menu as on drive F - which is already listed there for my Windows 10 system.
This happens when the drive is selected either manually or automatically.
This produces a "ntoskrnl.exe" error when I try to select XP at the start up menu.

I have added and deleted XP several times, and reinstalled easyBCD several times as well.
I would really appreciate some help

I changed the XP drive letter to E after a reshuffle - but it still shows as drive F in the View Settings menu. I see the Bootloader Path is given as "\NST\ntldr" instead of the usual "\Windows\system32\winload.exe" though. That seems relevant. Why is the XP appearing to attach itself to the Win10 drive>
Can someone suggest a way to add a working XP entry to my start menu, please?
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Don't change the drive letter that EasyBCD assigns to the XP entry.

Please read Windows XP and in particular note the warning:

When viewing entry details/settings, EasyBCD will show the drive letter that the NST folder is on for Windows XP entries. This is the drive that the BCD menu should load either NTLDR or EasyLDR from, and not the drive that Windows XP is installed on. Do not change this path, it won’t do any good and will stop BOOTMGR from correctly loading NTLDR/EasyLDR, preventing Windows XP from loading!


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Many thanks for the information, mqudsi.
I could not change it anyway, but am delighted to learn why it was not accepting the drive letter I chose - it has been frustrating me for days.
I had assumed that the "BCD boot menu" was before the O/S that easyBCD was installed in (Windows 7 - the first drive selected by the BIOS), and fed to all the O/Ss, including the XP EasyLDR.
Cannot understand why XP is fed from my Windows 10 drive, as indicated in the View Settings menu, which was added after Windows 7 - but that is the trouble with running before one can walk. My head hurts, but thanks again.