EasyBCD edit both MBR and UEFI menus?

Hi everyone,

Bit of an oddball question here, I've made a USB bootable key with BCD Deploy and added a few items so I can eventually make an all in one boot key, when you BCD deploy it tells you to Edit the <drive>:\BOOT\BCD which appears to be for MBR based stuff and as such I now have the following there...

Mainly experimenting with what boots and what fails so an odd list I know.

However there is also a BCD in <drive>:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot which presently just has..

If I add entries to this BCD will they appear during UEFI boots of the USB key? This would be very handy for things like Memtest 7.2 which has both the older 4.x version run when on MBR systems but UEFI boots run the later 6+ versions.

Any help on this will be great. :smile: